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16 Dec 2022 Webinar

Brick by Brick: Lessons in Leadership and Brand Building with Kat Cole

Welcome to the seventh session of our series: 'Brick by Brick: Building Insurgent Brands'. Join us as we talk to the brightest minds across the world about building enduring consumer brands.


Started her career at the age of 15 so that she could provide for her family. Vice President at Hooters of America by 26. President of Cinnabon at 31, in the heart of a recession.

We're thrilled to have Kat Cole join us for 2022's last session of Brick by Brick: Building Insurgent Brands.

As President & COO at Athletic Greens, Kat focuses on driving organizational scale, accelerating business growth and global expansion, innovation, and more. During her previous tenure as President and COO at Focus Brands LLC, she led the company’s 7 brands including Cinnabon, Auntie Anne’s, Moe’s, McAllister’s, and Jamba with over USD 1 bn in revenues. 

In this session on Lessons in Leadership & Brand Building, we cover: 

- Building trust in teams
- Vulnerability and openness as a leadership superpower
- Scaling yourself as a leader
- Bootstrapping Athletic greens to USD 100M in revenues
- Framework for building brands


Check out Kat's substack here: https://katcole.substack.com/


 Watch the full episode here: 

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