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We see what others don't

DSGCP has backed some of Asia's leading consumer brands.
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OYO was founded in 2013 by Ritesh Agarwal and today is India's largest, and the world's third largest, hospitality company with more than 125,000 rooms in India and 87,000 in China across 171 cities.
The Chope Group
Chope is Asia's leading and fastest growing online restaurant reservations platform and has seated 20 million diners since inception. Chope has over 4,000 restaurants on the network and currently operates in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Phuket, Jakarta and Bali.
Piccolo is an organic baby food brand and the fastest growing baby food brand in the UK. The company encourages healthy eating from a young age by broadening the taste buds of babies and young kids through exciting new flavors. The fruit and vegetable purees used in the products are 100% natural and organic family recipes.
Heka Grain Free Salmon   Potatoes Dry Dog Food 2 v3.5kg
Perro is the fastest growing online pet store and pet products & services company in Southeast Asia. The company aims to be the go-to brand for all pet related purchases in the region, including food, treats, medical needs, and services. They have launched their own brands, Heka & Nama sold on their website.
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Pip & Nut
Pip & Nut is the fastest growing nut butter brand in the UK. Using only natural ingredients, high quality nuts and no palm oil, Pip & Nut aims to bridge the gap between health and indulgence. The brand is the most visible in its category and seen as the thought-leader and most innovative in the market.
5 Love v2
Founded by the award winning brewer, John Wei, Brewlander is a Singapore home-grown craft beer brand which aims to produce and market a portfolio of high quality and innovative beers with unique flavours. In just three years, Brewlander has expanded to six countries and has won numerous brewing awards.
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The Golden Duck
The Golden Duck is a gourmet snacking platform brand for the Asian palette offering potato crisps, crunchy fish skin and seaweed tempura to create snacks that represent signature Southeast Asian dishes.
The Millionaire 55377
Ramblin' Brands
Ramblin's first brand, Smile Makers, is a sexual well-being brand that aims to break the taboo of sexual wellness. Marketed and sold as a beauty brand, Smile Makers uses a non-traditional distribution method, selling their products at leading pharmacies in Europe and Southeast Asia.
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Sleepy Owl
Sleepy Owl is a pioneer in India's cold brew coffee space. Sleepy Owl sources the best Indian beans directly from plantations to offer the Indian consumer the freshest and most flavorful coffee at their convenience.
IndiaLends is a credit analytics and credit underwriting company based in Delhi. The company uses data and technology to build a robust platform that offers lenders the ability to develop and market products to a diverse set of consumers. They also provide data analytics and risk scoring services to financial institutions.
Saladstop v2
SaladStop! is Asia's leading salad bar chain with outlets in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Spain with upcoming launches in Malaysia, Switzerland, UAE, and Vietnam.
Goa Breving Co1 v2
Goa Brewing Company
Goa Brewing Company is a manufacturer and distributor of homegrown, bottled craft beers with a distinct personality, catering to appeal to urban millennials.
The Mom's Co.
The Mom's Co. is India's fastest growing premium mother and baby personal care brand. The products are natural, safe, and toxin-free. The brand represents safety, trust and effectiveness for parents across India.
wisepos credit card swipe machine 324
Mswipe is India's largest non-bank merchant acquirer, providing low-cost end-to-end payment and card acceptance services. Mswipe provides cost-effective solutions enable merchants to accept card payments using a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) device or their phones.
Epigamia by Drums Foods
Epigamia is India's first and most successful Greek yogurt brand. The company is disrupting the healthy snacking space with their products ranging from preservative free Greek yogurt, India's first lactose-free artisanal curd, flavored yogurt smoothies, and flavored most recently, ghee spread.
71eUnK6zRqL v2. SX466
Veeba is India's fastest growing and most loved condiments company. Veeba is both a leading supplier in the food services segment and a retail brand. Veeba is currently available in 210 towns pan-India with 37 SKUs in retail and over 100 SKUs in the B2B segment.
youvit youvit gummy multimum multivitamin  7 gummy  1 sachet  full02 hmwgwtue
YOU is Southeast Asia's fastest-growing chewable nutrition brand. The company is serving premium quality nutraceuticals to millennials via 15,000 points of sales across Indonesia.

How we work.

Hear from our founders

"DSG Consumer Partners' circle of competence is very clear. Engaging with the team is therefore very pointed and potent. There is no ambiguity in their stance or suggestions. For a fast moving startup like ours this is valuable and productive."
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Amuleek Singh
Founder - Chaipoint
"The DSG Consumer Products team has been decisive, supportive, and trustworthy partners to Hostmaker since our early days. They have been incredibly helpful in assisting with relevant introductions through their network and helping drive the strategy of the business. I am delighted to have them as part of our team."
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Nakul Sharma
Founder - Hostmaker
"DSG is a passionate team of individuals who believe in each of their companies and the people they invest in. At SaladStop!, we consider them as a long-term partner who will help us reach new heights, with their out of the box thinking."
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Adrien & Katherine Desbaillets
Founders - SaladStop!
"What's unique about DSG is that they truly understand what it takes to build powerful consumer brands. While many investors prioritize speed, DSG focuses on doing things right to ensure the brand is strong, unique, and will be around for a long time. In the end, that benefits both founders and investors."
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Mattias Hulting & Peder Wikstrom
Founders - Ramblin' Brands
"Having DSG on board has been a game changer for our company. They are more than an investor, they are mentors, visionaries, and helpful business partners. We have not come across anyone with the same philosophy".
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Jeremie Sabbagh, Antonia Achache, & Pierre Labail
Founders - Suzette | Kitchen Garden