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01 Feb 2023 Webinar

Brick by Brick: Cracking the Offline Code – The Veeba Story



Welcome to the eighth session of our series: 'Brick by Brick: Building Insurgent Brands'. Join us as we talk to the brightest minds across the world about building enduring consumer brands.

Veeba is an amazing case study of building a successful brand in a category (food) and a channel (offline) that is widely considered to be extremely difficult.

We're so excited to kickstart this year's #BrickbyBrick sessions with the 1st founder we partnered with, way back in 2012!

Viraj Bahl, in conversation with Hariharan Premkumar, will discuss the Story of Veeba and how he built an incredible brand and business in the offline space.

Tune in to hear more about:
• What should one get right in the first 2 years of offline
• Best practices in building and managing the offline sales organisation 
• Balancing depth in a region and expansion to newer geographies
• New product development and product portfolio management
• Metrics to monitor offline business health



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