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15 Feb 2023 Webinar

Brick by Brick: Walking the Talk on Sustainability



We hosted Katherine Desbaillets, Chief Brand Officer, SaladStop Group in the 9th session of #brickbybrick: ‘Walking the Talk on Sustainability’. SaladStop Group was founded in 2009 with environmental consciousness and sustainability at the forefront of its operations. With 28% of global emissions attributable to the food industry, SaladStop Group felt the urgent need to reduce its climate impact. In 2022, they launched Southeast Asia’s 1st Net Zero-certified F&B outlet. SaladStop Group is a great case study of how ESG can be a pillar for business and how early-stage companies can walk the talk on sustainability. 
Tune in to hear us discuss: 

  • How ESG is built into the DNA of SaladStop through various innovations and initiatives 
  • The challenges, trade-offs, and costs associated with prioritizing sustainability 
  • How ESG can deliver better business results for companies 
  • Actionable advice for young startups building their ESG strategy  


Watch the full episode here: 


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