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31 Mar 2023

Why We Invested in Blood: The Opportunity to Revolutionize the Period Experience for Modern Southeast Asian Women

We are excited to announce our investment in Blood, an insurgent brand that aims to disrupt the menstrual care market in Southeast Asia and empower millions of Southeast Asian women with a better period experience.  Founded in 2014 by husband-wife duo, Peck Ying and Caleb Leow, Blood creates game-changing period care products including pain relief patches, pads and liners, for all who bleed. We, at DSG Consumer Partners, believe in Blood's potential to revolutionize the period experience for modern Southeast Asian women. 



Transforming Personal Struggles into a Bold Company with a Purpose




At DSG Consumer Partners, we are passionate about identifying and investing in disruptive ideas with a purpose that holds the potential to transform lives. Blood was born out of Peck's personal need to find a natural, drug-free solution for her debilitating period pain. The idea for Blood came to life when Caleb, her then-boyfriend, and now husband, gifted her a menstrual cramp relief patch bought on a school trip in Taiwan. Although the Taiwanese patch provided some relief, it was neither long-lasting nor warm enough. This led to Peck's realization that there was a significant gap in the market for effective, non-pharmaceutical period care products.  This then formed the building blocks of MenstruHeat, a 100% drug-free cramp relief patch that is discreet with optimal heat, allowing many others like herself to combat period downtime while avoiding an over-reliance on painkillers. Peck and Caleb set up a new business, PS Love, to bring MenstruHeat to market. The name PS Love was chosen to convey a personal, endearing, and comforting presence during periods.



Along the way, they discovered that the period care space deserved more attention and support, not just in product innovation but also with stronger education and greater importance on period health. One thing became clear to the founders - although periods are a normal bodily function, they remain abnormally taboo.  We are in the 21st century and yet so many women aren’t comfortable calling their period what it is. The founders decided to take a leap by renaming the company: “We believe that there is no shame in bleeding and the brand Blood embodies this belief”. Renaming PS Love to Blood allows the brand to better share and include consumers in all that the company stands for – that Blood can truly revolutionise the period experience and with that, better days and endless possibilities await Modern Southeast Asian Women. The name Blood will serve as a statement and a reminder to everyone that there is no shame.


The founders' dedication to creating higher-performing products that focus on innovation and material design for women resonated with many of DSGCP's core consumer themes including "Healthy Living", "Millennials & Gen Z & Gen Alpha" and "Looking and Feeling Good". We see the potential in Blood's mission to transform the menstrual experience for modern Southeast Asian women, ushering in brighter days and infinite possibilities.  


Period Care In Southeast Asia: Fast Growing And Ripe for Innovation and Disruption


The period care market has long been dominated by established global players who are focused on traditional products like plastic pads. However, recent years have witnessed an increased demand for innovative, eco-friendly, and health-conscious alternatives such as comfort pads, menstrual cups, reusable pads, and period underwear. This shift in consumer preferences and the openness to explore new options create an opportunity for insurgent brands like Blood to disrupt the market.


According to a report by Euromonitor, the global feminine hygiene products market was valued at ~USD 35 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.25% from 2022 to 2027. Asia-Pacific is projected to be the fastest-growing market, driven by increasing awareness about reproductive health, the growing number of working women, and rising disposable incomes.


The Southeast Asian market, in particular, presents a significant opportunity for growth. Rapid urbanization, rising disposable incomes, and shifting attitudes toward women's health in the region have created unprecedented opportunities for insurgent brands like Blood. For example, in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, there is a growing awareness of menstrual health and hygiene, leading to an increased demand for quality period care products. As more women in Southeast Asia enter the workforce and gain financial independence, they are more likely to seek out premium and eco-friendly period care options. By focusing on modern Southeast Asian women, Blood has the potential to capture a large and growing market share in the region.



Revolutionizing Period Care with Natural, Innovative Solutions


What sets Blood apart from its competitors is its commitment to offering innovative, natural, and drug-free solutions for period care. Blood's heat patch, for instance, is designed to provide long-lasting relief without relying on medication. Blood's game-changing Sanitary Pad Range is their new hero product line, launched after the success of Blood's Heat Patches for Pain Relief.



As the first of its kind, Blood's pads are made with a 100% corn top sheet, which is not only super-thin but also ultra-gentle. Blood's pads are thinner than cotton-based products (2mm vs 3~5mm) without sacrificing performance.



The smooth and breathable corn layer helps to keep rash, irritation, and discomfort away, unlike the common plastic pads that often cause chafing or scrunching. The pads feature a Gush Dry Anti-Leak Japanese core as well, making them super absorbent as they're able to lock blood in quickly while keeping leaks away. Compared to traditional pad materials such as cotton and plastic, Blood's corn-made pads demonstrate superior product features across three key dimensions for pad users: dryness, skin-friendliness, and eco-friendliness. With its innovative product offerings and dedication to providing game-changing period care solutions, Blood is set to disrupt the market and redefine the period. As more consumers prioritize health and wellness, Blood's product offerings align perfectly with this trend, further solidifying our conviction in their potential for success.


Embracing a Holistic Approach to Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance

Blood stands out from the competition by passionately embracing environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) practices, ensuring a positive impact on both customers and the planet:

  1. Democratizing access to quality period care products for Southeast Asian women: Blood is committed to sourcing the highest-performing materials from around the globe and making them easily accessible to Southeast Asian women across different channels. The brand believes that every woman deserves the best period care products that are conveniently available and reasonably priced. By offering top-quality products without breaking the bank account, Blood is empowering women to take control of their period experience. 

  2. Designed with real women's needs in mind: Blood's creation was inspired by Peck's personal journey with severe period pain since adolescence. Unable to find suitable natural, drug-free remedies, Peck set out to create Blood as a way to revolutionize periods for more women in Southeast Asia. With a strong "made for women, by women" philosophy, Blood's products are tailored to address the unique challenges faced by women during their periods.

  3. Championing sustainable packaging and eco-friendly solutions: Blood is leading the charge in addressing the growing demand for environmentally conscious period care products. By using a biodegradable and planet-friendly top sheet in their pads, Blood demonstrates a commitment to a greener future, aligning with consumers' increasing preference for eco-friendly options.


Blood's ESG initiatives embody the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 3, 5, and 12: Good Health & well-being, Gender Equality, and Responsible Consumption & Production. By aligning with these goals, Blood demonstrates its commitment to not only providing innovative period care solutions but also contributing positively to the world. 



Embracing a Bold Vision for the Future of Period Care



Feminine care is a segment where we believe there is an opportunity to build a fiercely loyal customer base. DSGCP's investment in Blood reflects our belief in the company's mission, founders, and potential to revolutionize the period experience for modern Southeast Asian women. By addressing the unique needs of this underserved market and offering innovative, natural solutions, Blood is poised to emerge as a category-defining insurgent brand and leader in the period care industry. We are excited to support Peck and Caleb on their journey to create a brighter and more empowering menstrual experience for women across Southeast Asia.

Sameer Mehta | Angela Hu

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