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16 Dec 2022 Webinar

Brick by Brick: Lessons in Leadership and Brand Building with Kat Cole

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15 Nov 2022

Why We Made Our Follow On Investment in Supertails: Building India’s One-Stop Destination for all Pet Care Needs

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14 Nov 2022

Be Optimistic Long Term But Pessimistic Short Term

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26 Oct 2022 Webinar

Brick by Brick: The Story of RedMart: Lessons in Scaling a Winning Team with Vikram Rupani

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25 Oct 2022

Youvit’s mission to build Southeast Asia’s premium supplement brand: Why we made our follow-on investment

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03 Oct 2022 Webinar

Brick by Brick: Building a Category Leader in Mom & Baby Personal Care

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23 Sep 2022

The Go-To Destination for Occasions and Celebrations. Why We Made Our Follow-On Investment in Join Ventures

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08 Sep 2022

Why We Invested in Moom: The opportunity to create natural remedies for the modern Asian woman with a personalised, convenient, and transparent supplement purchasing experience.

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07 Sep 2022

Building the Future of Hospitality in India: Why we doubled down on our investment in India’s leading vacation rental brand, StayVista

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