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19 Apr 2023 Webinar

Brick by Brick: Creativity & Innovation – The Fuel to $100M+ Businesses


method products pbc, OLLY PBC, and now Welly Health PBC.

We had the privilege of hosting serial entrepreneur and consumer products whiz Eric Ryan on our talk series, #BrickbyBrick, for a session on Creativity & Innovation: The Fuel to $100 Million Businesses.'

Eric started out squeaky clean in 2001 when he co-founded Method and built it into a global industry leader for both design and sustainability.

In 2015, he shed his clean reputation to shake up the vitamin aisle with OLLY, an innovative line of gummies and proteins with smart design and downright deliciousness.

Next, Eric ventured into making the finest fabric bandages and ointments that people actually want to buy and wear, co-founding Welly in 2019.

Today, Ryan’s three ventures have reached a collective valuation of more than $1 billion!


Tune in to hear us discuss: 

- Spotting categories ripe for disruption 
- De-risking before scaling 
- The power of design
- Building teams and culture
- Fundraising tips & advice 
- Preparing for an exit


Watch the full episode here: 

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