Kind Kones

Kind Kones is an all-natural plant-based ice cream brand based in Malaysia and Singapore. The company was founded by husband and wife Ishpal & Serina Bajaj. Serina experienced lactose intolerance after her first pregnancy and was unable find any alternative to her favourite dessert – ice cream. The company operates a total of six ice-cream parlours, one in Singapore and five in Malaysia, that offer a range of delicious vegan and gluten-free ice cream options that are free from dairy, egg, soy, refined sugar and other artificial additives. Kind Kones aims to provide healthier, guilt-free and plant-based dessert options that taste as good as traditional desserts. The company strives to give customers a better way to indulge in sweet treats, guided by the philosophy of being kind to your body, to the environment and to others.

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Ishpal & Serina Bajaj